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Oscar Wilde said: "To most of us the real life is the life we do not lead." This is my 'real life' via LJ.



March 22nd, 2015

What I've been writing:

"...the liquid measure of your steps..." The Flash, Barry Allen/Leonard Snart, PG-13

Under here.Collapse )

Sweater Weather [Link to fic on AO3] The Flash, Barry Allen/Leonard Snart, PG-13

Scenes from Central City High [Link to fic on AO3] The Flash, Barry Allen/Leonard Snart, PG-13, high school!AU

Hours [Link to fic on AO3] The Flash, Barry Allen/Leonard Snart, PG-13, established relationship!AU

Crazy in Love [Link to fic on AO3] The Flash, Barry Allen/Eddie Thawne, PG-13, fifty shades!AU

Right Round [Link to fic on AO3] The Flash, Barry Allen/Eddie Thawne, PG-13

What I've been reading:

Twelve Step Plan by DoreyG The Flash, Barry Allen/Leonard Snart, PG-13 [one of several fics written for one of my comment_fic prompts... Dorey is good to me :D Read ALL THE FIC you find one her page.]

Catch Me If You Can The Flash, Barry Allen/Leonard Snart, PG-13, job switch!AU (Snart is the cop, Barry the criminal) [This story is EPIC, omg. I want to live in its verse.]

Twice Shy by blythechild Criminal Minds, Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid, PG-13 [written for one of my comment_fic prompts :)]

Battle Creek, Russ/Milt fic by daria234 (omg)

Once In A Lifetime by kaitlia777 Glee, Blaine Anderson/Sam Evans, PG-13 [EPIC!]

... and, oddly, a whole lot of Seblaine fic... but that's probably going to have to have its own rec list :p

January 24th, 2015

Short Fills

spn: fun and games until
6 Word Stories

X-Men (/various): Alternate Universe(s)

In one, he is a British soldier.

In another, a film actor.

In another, almost exactly like his own, Charles is his enemy. Everyone blames Erik, entirely.

In another, Erik tries to bend the bullet Charles gleefully sends his way... Charles bends it back.

Erik refuses to test out any more machines which Hank has termed 'multi-dimensional' in any way.


Breaking In/Smallville, Cam/Lex, Multiple Fills: Date

"Third? It's our fifth."
"Sharred kidnapping experiences don't count as dates, Lex."

"Heh. There's enough candles in here to- Lex! We are not 'accidentally' burning down this bed and breakfast!"

After their fifth date, Lex can't believe his luck. Cameron is the kindest, most unaffected, most giving lover that Lex has ever had...

After their first anniversary, Lex starts believing. He removes the bugs monitoring Cameron's every move.

Well. Most of them.

Three Sentence Fics

Supernatural, Dean/Crowley, "tiger by the tail"
Originally at: comment_fic:

He's a madman - and only now does Crowley realize how this might be... problematic. It's one thing to be aware of the many ways in which Dean Winchester has repeatedly defied expectation - not to mention common sense - but it's a horse of an entirely different color to see his particular brand of recklessness up close, and with some investment in the outcome.

Perhaps they were doomed from the beginning; lucky thing for Dean, almost certain damnation's hardly a deal-breaker for the king of hell - more like a challenge.


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My latest obsession: Barry Allen/Eddie Thawne.

But somehow almost everything I've written in The Flash fandom so far has been about Barry/anybody but Eddie :p I've gotta fix that.

In the meantime, here are the things I've posted lately:

Barry Allen/Harrison Wells

Paradigm ShiftCollapse )

Cell TestCollapse )

SecretCollapse )

Barry Allen/Leonard Snart (Captain Cold)

Dead WinterCollapse )

SeductionCollapse )

Cold Never Bothered Me AnywayCollapse )

Red HandedCollapse )

TestingCollapse )

Barry Allen/Eddie Thawne

Holding HandsCollapse )

ThreeCollapse )

Eyes Like A TriggerCollapse )

November 30th, 2014


He thinks about it too much and not enough. He's never ready for the shock of lust-need-pride-mine that slams into his body like a prizefighter whenever Charles arches his back and screams. Those breathless words on Charles's pretty red lips... "More. I can take it... Please, Logan, please, more..."

"Did I tell you you could beg?"

He should make it stop. He could make it stop. Charles said - all Logan's gotta do is say he doesn't want this anymore, and it'll stop...

"N-no... sir..."

"Then don't."

Except, then it will all stop. This whole, crazy thing with Charles... It'll all be over. And no part of Logan wants that; especially not the part that only ever comes to life in the kid's cold, metal room. The part that didn't exist before Logan met Charles. That swells - that wants to growl and bite, like an animal - whenever Charles moans in pleasure or pain. The part with claws, and an appetite that scares Logan; a seemingly invulnerable desire to chase Charles's pain around his playroom and rip through it with the edge of their shared pleasures.

Logan wants to end Charles's hurting. The deep-down scar tissue that moves Charles to beg for Logan to hurt him in ways that can heal, can take his mind off of the wounds that can't.

But Logan doesn't want to "stop."

He's pretty sure that means that they're both fucked now, in ways that Logan can't pretend to know what to do with.


July 26th, 2014

Title: And From the Fire Into More Fire
Fandom: X-Men: Days of Future Past
Rating: PG
Summary: In Paris, Charles tries to help Logan by letting Logan inside of his mind the way Logan lets Charles into his in canon.
AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/2028765
Author's Note: This was written for another prompt at xmen_firstkink.

And From the Fire Into More FireCollapse )

July 25th, 2014

Title: The Consequence of Faith
Fandom: X-Men: DOFP
Rating: PG
Summary: This is a drabble written for this prompt at xmen_firstkink: Raven takes Logan to Charles after finding him in the water because she knows Charles has grown to care for him. (Charles's "care" can be read as platonic or more.)

The Consequence of FaithCollapse )

July 23rd, 2014

Finding Carter

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Is anyone else watching Finding Wesley Carter on MTV? :p

July 22nd, 2014

So I've managed to shake something fic-like out of my head, concerning the pairing that kind of ate my brain after I saw the latest X-Men movie :p It's here at AO3 if you'd rather read it there and was written in response to this prompt on xmen_firstkink. The title comes from the Passenger song of the same name:

Like a stone
Carried on the river
Like a boat
Sailing on the sea
Oh I’ll keep on walking
Well I’ll keep on walking
Till I find that old love or that old love comes to find me

Title: Keep On Walking
Fandom: X-Men: Days of Future Past
Pairing: Charles Xavier/Logan (Wolverine)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: "I want this while I can still have it," Charles says, sounding clear-headed enough.

Something in his voice stops Logan's breath. Logan swallows. "You can't have-"

"I am capable of having sex without the serum," Charles tells him and doesn't look away. "But I'm not talking about my paralysis."

Keep On WalkingCollapse )

June 9th, 2014

So I've been stoically avoiding X-Men: First Class so as not to get drawn into such a large fandom... I knew I would ship Charles/Erik and wanted to save myself from that fixation. Then, lo and behold, I go see Days Of Future Past (I could ignore James Mcavoy no longer; he grew out his hair!) And I do ship the Charles/Erik. But. I CRAVE CHARLES/LOGAN. Which is a MUCH smaller fandom, therefore as much of a brain-eating peril to be avoided as a huge fandom that could have you reading until your eyes burn out.

HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? :p I didn't even think I liked Wolverine that much, and maybe I don't. Logan, however... *le sigh*

Well, it's not like I'm a stranger to shipping rare pairings. Nick/Renard and Finnick/Peeta are basically non-existent, and I think there are only about six of us Chuck/Bryce shippers left.

So I'm collecting my links to Logan/Charles fics here. If you somehow happen to share my affliction and know of a fic you don't see below, please give me the heads up.

Logan/Charles Recs

South of the Border by sneakertime

On a trek back and forth across 1963 Mexico, Logan gets to know Charles Xavier, telepath. (And, yes, "know" includes "in the biblical sense".) [The endgame of this is Charles/Erik, but it's done in such a way that neither pairing cancels out the other.]

Insomnia by Rellenka

“I’m saying that if anchoring yourself to my mind will help, I’m willing to try if you are. My mind ain’t pretty, but-”

“Your mind is beautiful.”


Erik considers Charles/Logan on the jet.

Digging Up All The Graves by etirabys

His claws sprang out.

"Sorry, defense mechanism when someone wants to kill me that bad." Logan raised them slowly. Lehnsherr's eyes were a particular shade of gray-green. He'd never known he'd associate that color with murder before.

"I can control metal," Erik ground out. He meant I can crumple you up like a coke can.

"I can control minds," said Charles calmly, and set down his cup of tea politely. "Aren't you glad I don't get angry easily?"

That shut them up.

Let Them Talk by manic_intent

D/S AU's aren't necessarily my thing, but this one is fascinating, fun, and so - so - hot. The Charles/Logan is so wonderfully tender. (And there's a snarky, teen Tony Stark idolizing his own, personal hero - Charles.)

Setting a Different Course

So hot it could melt metal like an angry Magneto ;) Charlverine sex on the plane, with an exceptional Logan voice.


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Basically anything daria234 writes in one of my fandoms is an instarec :p

And she wrote me Chuck/The Bourne Identity!


Read it here
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