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Oscar Wilde said: "To most of us the real life is the life we do not lead." This is my 'real life' via LJ.

Oscar Mayer's Latest Flavor

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nevcolleil: writer
I hesitate to even begin a dialogue about hypocritical old rich guys, but I have to say it: if Newt Gingrinch somehow gets far enough in the race for GOP candidate to face off against Obama, I will lose what respect I currently have for the so-called "Conservative" Republican party. There is something to be said for separating a person's personal life from his professional life, but if you're going to lead the free world, the standards of behavior have to be a little bit higher for you. And even if they aren't, it's one thing to call yourself a free-thinking liberal and privately shuck the constraints of a traditional, monogomous relationship. It's another to call yourself a "brilliant Conservative", to sell yourself as such and then privately do the same. Newt can call criticisms of his personal behavior "pious balogna" if he wants; I call them common sense observations. And the day our government stops telling us who can marry whom... that will be the day when Newt can say that his personal life isn't fair game in a race about politics. I have never much respected Conservatives who claim to oppose gay marriage because of it's "threat" to the American family, and I certainly won't be voting for a man who thinks that the nice gay couple down the street should be told to cease and desist but that his own philandering does nothing to harm the institution of marriage.

*wants to strangle a rich white guy*

Also, am I the only one who still wants Obama to be our president?

*puts away soapbox*
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  • I'm sure as hell voting for Obama again.
  • I so agree with you. I'm voting for Obama also. The only thing that makes me crazier is those idiots who believe the Obama shouldn't be Prez because he isn't a citizen. Since when is someone not a citizen of the USA if they were born in Hawaii?
  • I just keep telling myself this is the last gasp of a dying nightmarish version of "conservatism". That there is no way any of these nutjobs are going to be electable to a majority of Americans.

    If I am wrong, well, in another year or so, my husband will probably be amenable for doing another overseas job search.
  • I am just so baffled by all this attention Newt Gingrich is getting. Does no one remember all the years he's been in office and all the crazy *beep* he's said?
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