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Chuck vs. the Million $$$$, Baby


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Oscar Wilde said: "To most of us the real life is the life we do not lead." This is my 'real life' via LJ.

Chuck vs. the Million $$$$, Baby

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For those who want to know, Alan Sipenwall is posting a different segment of a restrospective interview with Chuck creators Chris Fedak and Josh Schwartz every day this week, in anticipation of the Chuck *sniffles* series finale.

You can find the first post here.

There's lots of great stuff here, including fun bro-like bantering between Fedak and Schwartz, behind-the-scenes revealations about the show that I hadn't heard in an interview before, and the kind and appreciative tone that is always present in Sipenwall's discussions of my favorite genre-masher :)

Go give Alan an ear. Love, grieve and enjoy.
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