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I Have This Thing About Paul Rudd


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Oscar Wilde said: "To most of us the real life is the life we do not lead." This is my 'real life' via LJ.

I Have This Thing About Paul Rudd

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And here it is:

At some point in Paul Rudd's career, he made something really funny. I can't remember what it was or when.

But I distinctly remember thinking, "Oh, this guy is funny!"

And so, for years, I have gotten inordinately excited anytime that Paul Rudd has made a movie. I have automatically thought, "This has got to be funny! It has Paul Rudd in it." And yet, every Paul Rudd movie I have seen in recent memory has only been about so-so on the scale of laughs, if even that.

Therefore, I've begun a sort of self-inflicted ban of the watching of Paul Rudd movies on my person.

But memory is a funny thing, and my clearly flawed recollection of that one, forgotten movie continues to prickle at the very back of my brain, so do me this favor: If anyone has seen a Paul Rudd movie, as of late, that is worth watching... Let me know.

Maybe I can rediscover why this whole, weird Paul Rudd thing began for me in the first place.

/unapologetically strange rumination
  • Did you see I love you, man? Cause I loved that one
    • I saw parts. As much as I love Jason Segel (I probably misspelled that) in How I Met Your Mother, I don't really prefer the brand of humor that seems to attract him to a movie.
  • Could it be that Paul Rudd is cute as a cocker spaniel puppy? Because he is.
  • If you're anything like me, it's because of Clueless. (And him as Paris in Romeo + Juliet) Because when I was like ten or something, Paul Rudd was so dreamy. I wouldn't go so far as to say that I thought he was particularly funny, but I have a fondness for him that seems to be mostly unfounded. These days, I don't like most of the things he's in.

    As for slightly more recent Paul Rudd movies: I didn't mind Role Models and I love you, man.
    • Ah! That may be my answer! I'd forgotten he was in those movies :p Role Models had its moments. I haven't watched I Love You Man all the way through.
      • Min likes him in Wet Hot American Summer. I like this picture of them gross-kissing at the Princess Bride live read:

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