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At Least You'd Have Something In Common


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Oscar Wilde said: "To most of us the real life is the life we do not lead." This is my 'real life' via LJ.

At Least You'd Have Something In Common

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nevcolleil: writer
I know a gameshow isn't the place to go looking for a shining example of humanity, but still, it really bugs me that so many women on the Game Show Network game Baggage seem to have a phobia against bi-sexual men :/

That show is a guilty pleasure of mine. For those who don't know it, it's a dating show in which three people vie for a date with a man or a woman by revealing more and more uncomfortable secrets about themselves.

I've seen some really good-looking, basically attractive people passed over for some very foolish reasons (like when one girl said she wouldn't date a man because he prays for two hours a day.) But what bothers me the most is when a woman gets a whiff that a man is anything but 100% heterosexual and freaks. On an episode tonight, there was this incredibly hot, really cute and funny guy who (okay, I probably would have rooted for regardless - he's a LOTR fan who loves Europe! - but still) was an easy pick against a guy who admitted he used vacation tickets that his girlfriend had bought him to go on a trip with another woman. And just because he'd once French-kissed a man, the woman turned him down! It reminds me of an older episode on which a woman chose a man who admitted that he's currently cheating on 5 different people over a sexy, well-spoken sportscaster who admitted to flirting with both men and women :p

I can see how it could be an issue for someone, even if I don't think it would be much of one for me. But a bigger issue than whether a man is honest or dishonest, loyal or untrustworthy? Huh. Not as obvious.
  • That is mind-boggling to me. And just goes to show how horrible that undercurrent of homophobia can be. I can understand how it might be a problem on a personal level, but like you say, if it ranks higher than those things you've mentioned...sounds like it's something more than just a lack of self-confidence that you might not keep a bisexual man satisfied fully or something like that.
  • As bi-person this is the exact reason I've gotten to the point where I really try to date other bi-sexuals, because with most other people it feels like it's this huge strike against you and frankly it's just too much to be constantly justifying yourself. There is an amazing amount of bi-phobia in both the hetero and homo sexual communities.

    But I love watching Baggage. :)
    • Awkward threadjack, but this is really interesting to me. I always feel like when I say things are "interesting" it sounds like I'm peering at people with a magnifying glass! but seriously. I generally identify as straight, and my best friend generally identifies as gay, because those reflect most of our romantic/sexual experience? but for all intents and purposes we're really both bi, and we talk about this a lot...bi-phobia and...oh gosh, I am going to go on a giant tangent. But really I just wanted to be like, yeeeah. +1
    • Right? :p It's the TV equivalent of junk food, but who doesn't like to pig out now and again :p
  • =/

    To be honest, though, I'd be a little iffy on the "prays for two hours a day," thing. I mean, it would depend on the specifics, of course! But my gut reaction to that is to be a little nervous. I THINK for me it's like, increases the potential we are worlds apart? and not just because I'm not especially religious! Also in a way that's harder to explain on the fly, of like...I can't imagine HAVING two hours to pray? Maybe it would be good for me if I did! I dunno. TOTALLY interested in discussing it, though! I like non-hostile discussions about different points of view!

    Also, it should be noted, I'd never ever ever go on one of these I don't think. x_X
    • I can see how it could be an issue, but not necessarily stacked up against the other issues on the table in this particular episode. Really, I think it was the girl's explanation for *why* this was a dealbreaker for her that bothered me. If she'd said that she thinks two hours is extreme and she's worried that he's too zealous or something, I'd have understood. But she said she didn't like that his two hours praying would be two hours less that he could be dedicating to her :p It made her sound crazier than him!

      And, yeah, neither would I. For one thing, why would you want to air out all of your darkest secrets on television? And if you're aware enough of yourself to know that these things about you could be possible "dealbreakers" for a relationship, why not change them? :p My biggest pet peeve is when a contestant says that if they had such and such person in their life then they would change. Ha! Like, an entire lifetime and all of the people that they care about aren't inspiration to make changes but somebody they've only known for ten minutes on a TV show is :p

      It's interesting to think about what my biggest baggage would be if I was a contestant though :p "I can't drive in big cities" maybe, or "I have ten cats." Definitely: "My hobby is writing gay porn about fictitious television characters." ;)
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