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This Past... Whatever... In Television (And Beyond)

Wow. I have been super scarce lately. Preoccupied with [personal profile] oxoniensis's Porn Battle and such. But I have been checking in with TV Land.

Saturday Night Live

I didn't get as many chuckles out of the Channing Tatum episode of SNL recently as the Daniel Radcliffe, but I did find his opening bit cute. I had just finished saying to my significant other that I wondered how much of a deal they were going to make out of Magic Mike and give kudos to Tatum for getting the issue out there right away :p In fact, other than that bit and the always lovely Seth Meyers ("Today Donald Trump endorsed Newt Gingrich by endorsing Mitt Romney" Ha!) the primary reaction I took away from the episode was 'disquieted' :p That Ceelo Green skit unsettled me on many levels ;)


One of the things that may have turned me off about the episode was the skit about Tom Brady. I don't watch football, generally, but I watched the Superbowl this year. (It wasn't planned... It just happened!) And I felt bad for Brady and his team. I also really object to how much flak Giselle has gotten over her request for prayer. IT'S PRAYER, PEOPLE. YOU CAN AFFORD TO THROW IT AROUND. YOU WON'T RUN SHORT "WASTING" IT ON AN NFL FOOTBALL PLAYER!

Who Do You Think You Are

No, I didn't watch it. But I noticed tonight that it was on NBC in the spot before Grimm where Chuck used to be :( Really? This is what NBC thanks the Nielson folks would rather be watching than Zac and Yvonne and Adam? B-list celebrities tracking down their great-great-grand-whatevers?

Also, I felt like mentioning it because I find the title amusing as the obvious answer is Nobody Anybody Really Cares About Learning Things Important Only to Them.

*sighs* (*is perhaps a bit bitter*)

White Collar

But! But, all is not gloom and doom in TV Land because this little gem continues to shine :) I've really enjoyed all of the Neal-goes-undercover eps lately. Neal as a substitute teacher (don't you know that got me watching!), Neal as an ex-con on probation (if you want to call that "undercover" ;). It was fun watching Neal play just himself this week, though, too. I'm not anti-Neal/Sara as many seem to be so I enjoy it when they get thrown together. And how perfect is Diana's engagement and heart-to-heart with Neal? :D Tom Skerritt as El's Daddy! The fact that El's parents love Mozzie and the soul-sucking eyes!doll :p I really think El and Mozzie were made for each other. There really needs to be fic.


I still object to the ways in which the boys are depicted as interacting with "family" these days, considering how the family theme was built up in the Kripke seasons of the show, but there were good bits in this. Dean and Sam were pretty straight-forward with one another in a couple of scenes; I hate their 'hedge around the issue' scenes. Those boys are too big to share the room with an elephant :p The thing with the baby was uber creepy and also pretty sad. I like that Dean claimed Emma even though he saw her for what she was. And the bit with the open window was a nice touch :) It's pretty obvious now where they're going with that, but still.

Criminal Minds

Reid at that poker table was so hot :D Ooh how I love confident, now!Reid! And his being blacklisted in three major gambling cities :p I figured Garcia and Morgan hadn't actually done the deed but it was sort of fun to see the show play with the idea. Dean Cain pulled at my heartstrings a surprising amount in this episode, although it was really his best friend I felt the worst about.

How I Met Your Mother

This episode was so fun! :D I love how this show plays with narrative structures and Martin Short is still so funny. Great stuff :)

And in other media...

I bought the Chuck comic books. I love them :) Plus, for you Chuck/Casey fans, there's a scene where Team B has to sleep together on joint tatama mats and Casey has to warn Chuck not to touch him. I found that funny :p I'd probably love anything that keeps my favorite spies alive! But I'd recommend the set even to those who aren't as die-hard Chuckster as I am.
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