Nev (nevcolleil) wrote,

(My) Pornbattle Round-Up

[personal profile] oxoniensis's Pornbattle was a lot of fun (again) this year.

There are great fics here, including my favorites:

goodbye.avi (Mediafire/Megaupload)
In Good Hands (Commercials: Allstate/Progressive, Mayhem/Flo)
Toybox (Criminal Minds, Prentiss/Reid) This came from some of my prompts!
Memories In Permanent Ink (Leverage, Alec/Eliot)
...And a Real Human Being (Drive, Driver/Irene) I just love that there's fic for this movie :p
Thirteen Nights (Firefly, Jayne/Simon)
Unconventional Love Story (Gossip Girl, Serena/Chuck/Eric) This came from some of my prompts!
Fill In the Blank (iCarly, Sam/Freddy)
Sounds Like a Love Story & Chasing After Trouble (Justified, Raylan/Boyd)
Have You Met My Husband Ted? (HIMYM, Barney/Ted)
An Insufficient Gambit (Leverage, Sterling/Maggie)
The Name of the Game (The Simpsons, Martin Prince Jr/Bart Simpson)
We're All We've Got (The Vampire Diaries, Alaric/Damon/Elena)
Cover Me (White Collar, Neal Caffrey/Ben Ryan)
Not Safe for Work (Smallville/Breaking In, Lex Luthor/Cam Price) This came from some of my prompts!
Time Stacks Up in Piles (The Wizards of Waverly Place, Alex Russo/Justin Russo)
Resignation (Criminal Minds/Inception, Reid/Arthur) This came from some of my prompts!
Used to Know (RPF, Zac Levi/Yvonne Strahovsky)

I managed to pen these for the cause:

Don't Wanna Kiss You (But I Need To) Gossip Girl, Dan Humphrey/Chuck Bass

Misappropriation Chuck, Chuck Bartowski/John Casey

I Imagine That Yes Is the Only Living Thing Chuck, Chuck/Ellie + Chuck/Ellie/Sarah

Any Other Princess Tangled, Rapunzel/Flynn (Eugene)

Being Responsible Was Never Hotter iCarly, Spencer Shay/Freddy Benson

Tender Is Far Too Fierce For Us Smallville, Clark Kent/Lex Luthor

And It Will Be That Way Tomorrow, Just Like Every Day Before RPF, Jared Padalecki/Zachary Levi

When All The Things You Are, Are Mine RPF, Matthew Bomer/Zachary Levi

(These are all on AO3 now, too.)
Tags: 3some, chuck/casey, chuck/dan, chuck/ellie, chuck/ellie/sarah, clex, fic: chuck, fic: gossip girl, fic: icarly, fic: sv, fic: tangled, het, porn battle xiii, rapunzel/flynn, rec: fic, rps, slash, spencer/freddie
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