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I Have This Thing About Paul Rudd

And here it is:

At some point in Paul Rudd's career, he made something really funny. I can't remember what it was or when.

But I distinctly remember thinking, "Oh, this guy is funny!"

And so, for years, I have gotten inordinately excited anytime that Paul Rudd has made a movie. I have automatically thought, "This has got to be funny! It has Paul Rudd in it." And yet, every Paul Rudd movie I have seen in recent memory has only been about so-so on the scale of laughs, if even that.

Therefore, I've begun a sort of self-inflicted ban of the watching of Paul Rudd movies on my person.

But memory is a funny thing, and my clearly flawed recollection of that one, forgotten movie continues to prickle at the very back of my brain, so do me this favor: If anyone has seen a Paul Rudd movie, as of late, that is worth watching... Let me know.

Maybe I can rediscover why this whole, weird Paul Rudd thing began for me in the first place.

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