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Short Fills

6 Word Stories

X-Men (/various): Alternate Universe(s)

In one, he is a British soldier.

In another, a film actor.

In another, almost exactly like his own, Charles is his enemy. Everyone blames Erik, entirely.

In another, Erik tries to bend the bullet Charles gleefully sends his way... Charles bends it back.

Erik refuses to test out any more machines which Hank has termed 'multi-dimensional' in any way.


Breaking In/Smallville, Cam/Lex, Multiple Fills: Date

"Third? It's our fifth."
"Sharred kidnapping experiences don't count as dates, Lex."

"Heh. There's enough candles in here to- Lex! We are not 'accidentally' burning down this bed and breakfast!"

After their fifth date, Lex can't believe his luck. Cameron is the kindest, most unaffected, most giving lover that Lex has ever had...

After their first anniversary, Lex starts believing. He removes the bugs monitoring Cameron's every move.

Well. Most of them.

Three Sentence Fics

Supernatural, Dean/Crowley, "tiger by the tail"
Originally at: comment_fic:

He's a madman - and only now does Crowley realize how this might be... problematic. It's one thing to be aware of the many ways in which Dean Winchester has repeatedly defied expectation - not to mention common sense - but it's a horse of an entirely different color to see his particular brand of recklessness up close, and with some investment in the outcome.

Perhaps they were doomed from the beginning; lucky thing for Dean, almost certain damnation's hardly a deal-breaker for the king of hell - more like a challenge.
Tags: cam/lex, charles/logan, cherik, crossover, dean/crowley, fic: crossover: smallville/breaking in, fic: spn, pg-13, rare slash, slash, x-men, xavierine
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