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Flash Fiction: An Update (+ recs)

What I've been writing:

"...the liquid measure of your steps..." The Flash, Barry Allen/Leonard Snart, PG-13

It's easier to focus on what he gets out of the bargain than on what he gives - what he holds back, or dismisses altogether, for the sake of a hot kiss, a shaky moan, from lips he'd bet his next score haven't given it up for anyone else since this whole thing started. Probably before.

Sensing that's probably part of his problem - Leonard's always been a little territorial. This feud with the Flash began because he wouldn't let some do-gooding kid run him out of his city, interfere with his affairs.

And here he is... selecting his targets with twice the discretion, selecting his 'associates' even more carefully, all to keep that same kid happy.

Or, if not happy, willing enough to keep coming back to him for more - more reasons to breathe those sweet moans into Leonard's neck; more chances to part his ready lips for whatever Leonard might have in store for them.

If Leonard thinks about it that way, like he's buying what he wants with what he can do without - rather than being bought by a tight ass and a pretty face - he doesn't feel the need to test his boundaries so badly. When he explains, again, 'No casualties... we go in quiet, we come out clean...', Mick's questioning smirk doesn't chafe.

Leonard doesn't want to rough the kid up so much anymore - to punish him for accepting an offer Leonard made, just to see if the kid would bite, honestly, at least in the beginning.

Now he needs the dignity a bargain infers. There's no shame in an even trade, but Leonard's never felt the same about addictions - junkies are weak; he knows because he's used them on occasion, for small jobs when he's needed someone disposable, and this constant craving he feels for the Flash now is an addiction as surely as any he's ever seen.

Little things stick in Leonard's mind, and he thinks about them to the point of distraction whenever the Flash isn't near. He spends moments just breathing in the kid's scent when they're together, pressing his face into Flash's soft skin, his hair, and lets the kid roam his body as he pleases. He sucks marks into the kid's flesh - like a goddamned teenager - then sucks them again, out of defiance as the kid's quick healing wipes them away, because he's hungry for the kid's taste.

Leonard gives Flash a lot more freedom during their hook-ups than he ever has a lover. He lets the kid work them both out of their clothes - steps back sometimes with a smirk and lets the kid take the reigns on what they do and how they do it - just so he can watch the kid move.

Leonard doesn't even mind thinking of how Mick would tease him if the truth came out. It's better to concentrate on how much Leonard enjoys this. If he thought too much about what he has yet to give for it (and would, if he had to) just to keep getting it... Leonard might go fucking crazy.

Sweater Weather [Link to fic on AO3] The Flash, Barry Allen/Leonard Snart, PG-13

Scenes from Central City High [Link to fic on AO3] The Flash, Barry Allen/Leonard Snart, PG-13, high school!AU

Hours [Link to fic on AO3] The Flash, Barry Allen/Leonard Snart, PG-13, established relationship!AU

Crazy in Love [Link to fic on AO3] The Flash, Barry Allen/Eddie Thawne, PG-13, fifty shades!AU

Right Round [Link to fic on AO3] The Flash, Barry Allen/Eddie Thawne, PG-13

What I've been reading:

Twelve Step Plan by DoreyG The Flash, Barry Allen/Leonard Snart, PG-13 [one of several fics written for one of my comment_fic prompts... Dorey is good to me :D Read ALL THE FIC you find one her page.]

Catch Me If You Can The Flash, Barry Allen/Leonard Snart, PG-13, job switch!AU (Snart is the cop, Barry the criminal) [This story is EPIC, omg. I want to live in its verse.]

Twice Shy by blythechild Criminal Minds, Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid, PG-13 [written for one of my comment_fic prompts :)]

Battle Creek, Russ/Milt fic by daria234 (omg)

Once In A Lifetime by kaitlia777 Glee, Blaine Anderson/Sam Evans, PG-13 [EPIC!]

... and, oddly, a whole lot of Seblaine fic... but that's probably going to have to have its own rec list :p
Tags: barry/eddie, barry/leonard, blaine/sam, blaine/sebastian, blam, comment fic: mar 15, fic: the flash, hotch/reid, rec: battle creek, rec: criminal minds, rec: fic, rec: glee, rec: the flash, seblaine, slash
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