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09 June 2014 @ 12:28 pm
So I've been stoically avoiding X-Men: First Class so as not to get drawn into such a large fandom... I knew I would ship Charles/Erik and wanted to save myself from that fixation. Then, lo and behold, I go see Days Of Future Past (I could ignore James Mcavoy no longer; he grew out his hair!) And I do ship the Charles/Erik. But. I CRAVE CHARLES/LOGAN. Which is a MUCH smaller fandom, therefore as much of a brain-eating peril to be avoided as a huge fandom that could have you reading until your eyes burn out.

HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? :p I didn't even think I liked Wolverine that much, and maybe I don't. Logan, however... *le sigh*

Well, it's not like I'm a stranger to shipping rare pairings. Nick/Renard and Finnick/Peeta are basically non-existent, and I think there are only about six of us Chuck/Bryce shippers left.

So I'm collecting my links to Logan/Charles fics here. If you somehow happen to share my affliction and know of a fic you don't see below, please give me the heads up.

Logan/Charles Recs

South of the Border by sneakertime

On a trek back and forth across 1963 Mexico, Logan gets to know Charles Xavier, telepath. (And, yes, "know" includes "in the biblical sense".) [The endgame of this is Charles/Erik, but it's done in such a way that neither pairing cancels out the other.]

Insomnia by Rellenka

“I’m saying that if anchoring yourself to my mind will help, I’m willing to try if you are. My mind ain’t pretty, but-”

“Your mind is beautiful.”


Erik considers Charles/Logan on the jet.

Digging Up All The Graves by etirabys

His claws sprang out.

"Sorry, defense mechanism when someone wants to kill me that bad." Logan raised them slowly. Lehnsherr's eyes were a particular shade of gray-green. He'd never known he'd associate that color with murder before.

"I can control metal," Erik ground out. He meant I can crumple you up like a coke can.

"I can control minds," said Charles calmly, and set down his cup of tea politely. "Aren't you glad I don't get angry easily?"

That shut them up.

Let Them Talk by manic_intent

D/S AU's aren't necessarily my thing, but this one is fascinating, fun, and so - so - hot. The Charles/Logan is so wonderfully tender. (And there's a snarky, teen Tony Stark idolizing his own, personal hero - Charles.)

Setting a Different Course

So hot it could melt metal like an angry Magneto ;) Charlverine sex on the plane, with an exceptional Logan voice.
09 June 2014 @ 07:24 am
Basically anything daria234 writes in one of my fandoms is an instarec :p

And she wrote me Chuck/The Bourne Identity!


Read it here
06 June 2014 @ 06:22 pm
So I haven't exactly been prolific, lately, but I have written a few drabbles here and there - mostly for comment_fic. Here they are below, some in the form of links to AO3. Hope you find something here to like :p

Past, Present, Future
X-Men: Days of Future Past
Their first kiss is so romantic it's practically cliché.

Past, Present, FutureCollapse )

The Passion Of Great Souls (WIP)
Nick Burkhardt/Sean Renard
Sean's been cursed and only a certain kind of grimm can save him. But where to find such a grimm? (Written for a prompt on grimm_kink.

(The Passion Of Great Souls)

Not In The Stars, But In Ourselves
Nick Burkhardt/Sean Renard
Nick confronts his captain in the episode 'Face Off', as a grimm and as a scorned lover. (An AU remix of the series in which Nick and the captain were involved when the show started.)

(Not In The Stars, But In Ourselves)

A More Profound Bond
Dean Winchester/Castiel
If Ruby had been the angel and Castiel the demon...

(A More Profound Bond)

Quantum Leap
Chuck Bartowski/Bryce Larkin
Chuck knows three things: he isn't in Burbank, California, anymore; Bryce isn't really an accountant... and Chuck is going to die.

Quantum LeapCollapse )
17 February 2014 @ 05:06 am
A Scene From The Capitol - Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Peeta Mellark/Finnick Odair

Once Conquered - Chuck, Chuck/Bryce [Warning: dubcon]

Preferences - Chuck, Chuck/Bryce
16 February 2014 @ 11:53 pm
I have to post a quick shout out to daria234's Arrangement. If nothing else had come out of the Porn Battle, it would have been worth it just for this.


16 February 2014 @ 12:30 pm
My Entries for this year's PB:

Comfort - Common Law, Travis Marks/Wes Mitchell

Evil Geniuses and Their Desks - Breaking In/Smallville, Cameron Price/Lex Luthor

Lim(b)o Sex - Chuck/White Collar, Chuck Bartowski/Neal Caffrey

Masterful - Chuck/White Collar, Chuck Bartowski/Bryce Larkin/Neal Caffrey

Not Just Bros Helping Bros - Glee, Blaine Anderson/Sam Evans

On Canvas Or On Film - White Collar, Elizabeth Burke/Neal Caffrey/Peter Burke

Rude (But Sexy) Awakening - Chuck, Chuck/Bryce

Stroke of Genius - Chuck RPS, Matthew Bomer/Zachary Levi

Things We Lost In The Fire - Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Haymitch Abernathy/Peeta Mellark/Katniss Everdeen

All of these can be found on AO3.
04 February 2014 @ 11:34 am
So, I missed the prompt posting for this year's Porn Battle :p (But not the deadline for posting most of my fics! Yay!)

Anywho, if anyone's wondering what I would have posted... my prompts are under the cut. (Where I can find and recycle them next year!)

Prompts I WOULD HAVE posted for PBXVCollapse )
21 January 2014 @ 08:54 pm
Mark Ruffalo and Matt Bomer cuddling on a rooftop?

06 January 2014 @ 11:10 am
nrCollapse )