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Nev's PolyaMorous Muse

:: words are the stitches of this world ::

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"curiously, we can never read a book. we can only reread it." - Nabokav

'People are like books - you don't appreciate the story by skipping pages.'

MY FAVORITE AUTHORS: P.G. Wodehouse, Peter David, Scott Adams, Charlaine Harris; FAVORITE BANDS: Linkin Park, Coldplay, Lifehouse, Shinedown; FAVORITE MUSICIANS: Tom Felton, Anya Marina, Monte Peck; FAVORITE POETS: Dickinson, Frost, Cummings, Shelley; FAVORITE SONGS: Look at You - Screaming Trees, Three Rounds & a Sound - Blind Pilot, Drown - Jason Walker, No More Wishing - Haley Taylor, Melody - Kate Earl; ON TV: Supernatural, NCIS, The Vampire Diaries, How I Met Your Mother, Chuck

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. a b o u t m e
i am a quasi-educated mother of four/writing instructor for middle school students (i was highly educated when i began in this profession – i maintain that my students are eating my brains. or maybe it’s just the stress of teaching grammar to a bunch of punks growing up in the era of ‘idk my bff attention defecit disorder?’)

i love movies. i love to write and to read. i love the work of PG Wodehouse, dark chocolate, a nice merlot and Michael Rosenbaum to varying and embarrassing degrees. i have many fandom favorites, hence the title of this journal, but if you stick around long enough you will see that there are certain repeat offenders who own a larger piece of my heart than others.

. i n t e r e s t s
smallville, supernatural, angel, ncis, torchwood, lex luthor, michael rosenbaum, clex, dean winchester, jensen ackles, j2, pared padalecki, rps, michael rosenbaum/jensen ackles, lex/jason, crossover, wesley wyndam-pryce, wangel, slash, tony dinozzo, tony/tim, tiva, owen harper, owen/ianto, fanfiction, harry/draco, harry potter, draco malfoy

. w h a t e v e r
something else to know about me? my fic only journal is nevfic. i mod vamps_win and mbreps. my rpg journal is deviludontknow. some of my old fic is at Fanfiction.net and i used to belong to some yahoo!groups for SeaQuest and Harry Potter. if you’re a friend, ask me about ‘em and i can hook you up ;p any awards i’ve won can be found here.

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