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07 December 2011 @ 06:22 pm
Thought I'd collect my 6 word fic from comment_fic yesterday here, for anyone interested.


Chuck, Bryce, guilty
Bryce dies. Chuck doesn't. Not mostly.

Criminal Minds, team, straight no chaser
After Hotch dies, nobody's sober soon.

How I Met Your Mother, Marshall + Barney, babies
Seeing placenta makes them pass out.

"Just hold the baby, you baby!"

"No! It's too small... It'll break!"

NCIS, Paula Cassidy, close a door and a window opens
...unless the room's got a bomb.

Supernatural, Any, Tempting....
Demons should fear Sam. Sam does.

The rest - plus reccs of others' fics - under here.Collapse )

And since this kind of fic is so fun and easy to write, if you comment with a prompt and/or pairing, I'll respond with 6 word fic as well :)

The prompts I left that never got filled are under here, in case someone is feeling generous.) (*bats eyes*Collapse )

(And if I've recced something of yours up top and you'd rather I didn't... just let me know. Sorry if I stepped on any toes :)
Title: doesn't ask, won't tell
Fandom(s): Inception/White Collar (More mentions of the latter than actual crossover in this part.)
Pairing: Dom/Arthur UST
Rating: PG
Author's Note: For a response here: everybody paints by numbers (at least once). I know you prefer Arthur/Eames, tigriswolf, but my Muse led me in a different direction for this one.
Summary: Rule Number Six.

Dom wasn’t aware that Arthur had a brother, much less a twin, for the first few years of their acquaintance. Then Arthur just casually dropped the information into a conversation like it wasn’t much of a detail.Collapse )
Title: The Pragmatist
Fandoms: White Collar/Inception
Characters: Neal, Arthur (fraternal twins!AU), various
Rating: PG
Warning: Implications of m/m and m/f/m relationships; mentions of violence.
Author’s Note: This is my response to tigriswolf‘s prompt at comment_fic.
Summary: Neal is hurt on an undercover mission and Arthur goes on a rampage of revenge.

That day they're still waiting for Neal to wake up,and Peter hasn't slept in forty-eight hours.Collapse )

(Yes, this is set in this verse.)
In for we have made an end, a ficlet about Neal Caffrey (of White Collar) and Arthur (of Inception) being fraternal twins, I mentioned some rules the brothers wrote for themselves and follow religiously. I wrote a few more in some comment!fic called then the words came in, and the words sat down.

I'm trying to fill out the rest of Arthur and Neal's list :) So if you have an interest in this crossover, reply with one of the open numbers on the list below and a rule you think Arthur and Neal should follow.

I'll answer back with fic.

Neal’s never broken one of Arthur’s rules, in fact. He can’t say that about any man’s laws (or God’s) but he can say it about his twin brother’s.Collapse )
Title: for we have made an end
Fandoms: White Collar/Inception
Characters: Neal, Arthur (fraternal twins!AU)
Rating: PG
Autor's Note: This is a response to tigriswolf's prompt a comment_fic. Title is loosely, loosel based upon this poem.
Summary: Arthur likes rules.

We are returning by the road we came.Collapse )

Author's Note 2: I am shameless in the fact that my Arthur and Neal are very much inspired by yours, tigriswolf. Hope I did okay with your boys ;)