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19 December 2011 @ 06:06 am
My Comment Fic Fills for December:

Merry Bloody Christmas Criminal Minds, Team, PG, Gen

Stand Up & Bow Criminal Minds, Reid + Morgan, PG, Gen

Books & Their Covers Criminal Minds/White Collar, Spencer/Neal + Morgan, PG-13

The Law of Averages How I Met Your Mother, Gang, Gen

Worlds of Terror (& Beauty) Supernatural/Inception, Arthur/Eames, PG-13

For All Ages Chuck, Chuck +or/ Bryce, G

The All-Seeing Sun Ne'er Saw Highlander/Chuck, Chuck/Bryce, PG

Ashes to Ashes & Dust to Dust Chuck, Chuck/Casey, PG

End Scene NCIS, Tony + team, PG-13 (death!fic)

Any Other Tuesday Chuck, Stanford Era Chuck/Bryce, G

Love is War Inception, Arthur/Eames, PG

Taboo Chuck, Chuck/Devon, G

"You used to trust me, Chuck." Chuck, Chuck/Bryce, PG

Ma McManus's Irish Manners Boondock Saints/Supernatural, Murphy/Dean/Connor, NC-17

Things You Shouldn't Watch With Your Lover Chuck, Chuck/Casey, PG

Evil Genius Smallville/Breaking In, Cameron Price/Lex Luthor + Dutch, PG-13

Accomplishments - Highlander/Supernatural, Methos + Death, G

My Prompts for December 2011Collapse )